Posted by: downtothesea | January 6, 2009

My dream (volunteer) job.

As DearMYRTLE suggested in her new January 2009 Organizational Checklist for genealogists (how I love checklists!), last night I volunteered to be an indexer for FamilySearch.

After about 30-45 minutes of reading all the training material carefully, I was set free to begin indexing a project of my choice.  I chose to index baptismal records for Cheshire, England mostly because they were in Latin and I figured I should put my odd skill-set to some good use.

A day later, I’m hooked, predictably.  Not only am I using my Latin (simple though church Latin may be), I am also “paying it forward,” as it were.  Hopefully my indexing work will lead another genealogist somewhere down the line to have a “eureka!” moment;  I know I’ve silently blessed the volunteers who took the time to transcribe the baptismal records of Our Lady of the Cataract in Niagara Falls.

I encourage any fellow family historians and genealogists to at least look into volunteering for this indexing project.  I am tremendously glad I did.



  1. Amy – what a dream (volunteer) job!!! I’ve often thought of doing this myself – my local church was actually paying someone to put all of the other local parish records into a computer program… all the kids keep me at home so I couldn’t do it, but if given the opportunity I think I would actually volunteer to do it! Thanks for the info on this indexing project – I might look into it my self and certainly will look into it enough to put a post on my blog – the more of us that are involved the more that gets done! Great info and thanks for sharing!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog – ah to be “Well Made” 🙂 I also have an ancestor who was Stout with a Ruddy complexion and Bald – too funny!

  2. Hi Amy,

    A fellow linguist! You have given me an idea – I’ll have to sea if there are any Eastern European indexes they need to have indexed. It’s wonderful that you have found a way to “pay it forward” and give your brain cells a workout at the same time!

  3. Hi Cindy,

    It’s super convenient because you don’t even have to leave home to transcribe! They also give you the option of working offline, which could come in handy.

    I wonder if the examiner who described your ancestor as stout, ruddy and bald was gutsy enough to check those options off in his presence! I sure wouldn’t be!

  4. Hi Greta,

    *gives you the secret linguist handshake* 🙂

    Yup! Up to my eyes in obscure language skills here!

    If I can remember correctly, they are currently indexing in Hungarian…church records, I believe. I’m sure they’d be beside themselves to have someone with your language expertise working on the project!

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