Posted by: downtothesea | January 13, 2009

More map fun–courtesy of the Library of Congress.

I was drowsily reading George G. Morgan’s How To Do Everything With Your Genealogy (Emeryville, CA: McGraw-Hill, 2004), last night when I came upon an interesting website rec and gathered enough strength to dog-ear the page (I fell asleep shortly thereafter).

Mr. Morgan recommends checking out the Map Collections homepage of Library of Congress.  As we have established previously, I am a Gigantic Map Nerd, so I needed little encouragement to click my merry way over to the LOC.

The site provides a huge range of historic U. S. and world maps, including maps highlighting military battles and campaigns, and transportation and communication.  I jumped right to the index of maps listed by cities and towns and with little effort found gorgeous, zoomable (I think I just made up a word there), high-resolution historic maps of:

Niagara Falls (click on the map to begin the “zoom” feature), where the Gavins, McCabes, and Millers settled.

Perry, N.Y. , where the Rauchs and Tanzers settled.

Sadly, there was no Worcester, Massachusetts, the place where my Swedish relatives, the Johnsons, Johansons, and Eriksons settled (and where I was born).

There are some railroad maps I’m eager to mess around with, as the Gavins and some of the Millers were railroad men…I may spend a few more minutes tonight happily clicking away there before bed tonight.

Happy mapping!

ETA:  I had another post ready to go about our family’s beloved grandfather clock (with photos!), but WordPress devoured it at around 5pm and I’m still trying to resurrect it.  Hopefully it will be up tomorrow.


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