Posted by: downtothesea | May 16, 2009

She emerges and immediately retreats into the 1892 NY State Census.

After a long and involved trip back to New England to find an apartment and interview for a handful of jobs, I have finally returned to Canada to help my husband pack up our apartment.  I found a great little place in Maine for us, and there are some job prospects on the horizon, so things are sloooowly coming together.

I finally had a chance to sit down and do some genealogy work a few days ago, and discovered that the pilot site of the new LDS Family Records Search recently added the 1892 New York State Census in an “browse image only” format.  This is a dream come true

Within fifteen minutes of searching the second voting district of the town of Niagara, I found my great-great grandfather Michael Gavin Jr. and his family (with his second wife Annie):


And little fourteen year old Nellie Gavin is my great-grandmother.

In the fourth voting district I found my great-great-great grandparents, Michael Gavin Sr. and his wife Elizabeth.  Their adult son Patrick is there as well.  And a wonderful bonus:  a few entries beneath them I came upon my great-great-great grandmother, Ellen McCabe.


The interface of the image viewer is super easy to use and for the most part the images are fantastic quality.  I don’t mind not having an index, because I find the “browse only” format forces me to search more slowly and to observe the families living around my ancestors.  Some of these families are becoming familiar to me, and this summer I am planning to construct a “neighbor map” for my ancestors.  Who knows–it could lead to a few brick walls being busted down.

What a treat!



  1. This is fantastic. I’m really excited about the NY state census, too, for researching my husband’s family. The only thing is that they lived in Brooklyn … that’s going to take a lot of browsing.

  2. Eek! Brooklyn! Time to brew a nice cup of tea and settle in for a few hours, eh? I wish you luck!

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